Friday, May 24, 2013

Tsukada Nojo

By the time you see this, I'll already be in Aussie! But I've been scheduling posts to update my blog here and there so you wouldn't be looking at a dead blog. I've tried to squeeze as many posts as I can write with whatever time I had amidst my busy schedule before I flew off so pardon me if there isn't a lot of updates!

Also, taking a break from my Guangzhou travel diaries, I'm here to introduce food in Singapore!

Most of you may have heard of Japanese Collagen Soup (Bijin Nabe). Tsukanda Nojo is the restaurant which serves Bijin Nabe and I visited the branch at Plaza Singapura. Do note that the 'steamboat/hotpot' which I tried out is only available in the evening. Also, I would advise going early because of the ridiculously long queue and I think they close the queue at 8plus since there's a limited eating time of 2 hours and eating at 8plus would mean ending at 10plus which is probably their last service.

Bijin Nabe-- Now the 'jelly' is the concentrated chicken collagen stock which will melt into the soup broth over heat. 

20130423-195626-DSC_2457 20130423-195605-DSC_2453
The set (min 2 persons) comes with a range of vegetables, choice of noodles, prawns, and the bamboo thing contains chicken meat which will be rolled into chicken balls. There's also chicken meat already sitting in the pot with the collagen broth. I especially love the chicken balls because they have such a different texture from the normal chicken meat. Slightly stickier, sweeter and more chewy.

Scooping up some chicken meat which MUST be eaten with the chilli below. Unless you can't take spice. 
20130423-200543-DSC_2473 20130423-201042-DSC_2478
Some really cute watermelon radish from Japan!

Another recommended dish is this appetizer above. I can't remember the name but when you flip through the menu it's one of the recommended dishes as well and it's roundish, with 4 different flavours. It's rice wrapped with pork slice and their special BBQ sauce. It's pretty okay if you ask me. Yummy but I don't think it's worth the price.

Now this is the amazing dessert you HAVE TO TRY. It's Japanese Egg Pudding. I know it looks like creme brulee but it tastes nothing like it. Perhaps only the burnt sugar layer tastes exactly the same. But the egg pudding itself isn't sweet, but slightly creamy and very strong on the egg flavour.

They have an extremely cute and innovative loyalty program too.  You start off as Assistant Manager and then climb the 'career ladder' and be rewarded when you've dined the requisite number of times.

Tsukada Nojo
60A Orchard Road
63365003 The Atrium@Orchard (Plaza Singapura)
Tel: 63365003

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