Walnut Tree

by - October 17, 2014

Everton Park is home to tons of new hipster cafes as well as one little humble Korean food place. 

Step into Walnut Tree and you'll be surprised at how simple the homely the place feels. Run by real Koreans (who would be next door making and selling rice cakes along with other Korean goodies), it's a great place to have a simple yet yummy 'home-cooked' meal away on a lazy weekend away from the crowd.

(p.s. photos taken with an iPhone and edited with Lightroom so pardon the quality)


Something about starting the day with something soupy is always very appealing. And honestly, aren't we all suckers for Korean ramyeon? So even though we know that we're paying a premium to eat Korean ramyeon at eateries when we can have it at about $2 in the form of Korean cup noodles, we still do it anyway. 

The ramyeon here is yummy (as is with all ramyeon honestly). The soup is slightly salty and the combination of melted cheese with springy noodles is irresistible.


The beef bulgolgi with rice is a surprising dish. Firstly, I didn't expect the beef bulgolgi to be served on top of the rice, since we are all so used to the usual hot plate way of serving. Secondly, this beef bulgolgi with rice is loaded with gravy, which is light and sweet. I've never had beef bulgolgi which tastes sweet ever so this is really new. The beef is cooked well and not too dry.


Tteokbokki, or spicy rice cake, is a must order when eating at Walnut Tree. I mean hey they're making it fresh next door! I love the texture of their rice cake. It's really chewy. The only thing I didn't quite like is the hot pepper paste itself. Although it was at the correctly thick, it was a little too sweet, which I could not get used to. I much prefer the spicy version. But I guess if you can't take spice well, you would enjoy the sweeter version of the tteokbokki here at Walnut Tree. 

Walnut Tree
2 Everton Park, Singapore 081002

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